Dr. Ralph Strehle, Director of Performance

Julia Lynch, Joint Head of Music

Jonathan Papp, Joint Head of Music

Carmen Santoro, Vocal and Répétiteur Coach

Jonathan Santagada, Conductor and Répétiteur Coach

James Platt, Vocal Consultant

Marie Lambert-Le Bihan, Stage Director

Jacopo Spirei, Stage Director

Costanza Cabras, Italian for Singers

In addition to our core training faculty, we welcome a number of guest lecturers and industry professionals on an annual basis.


Max Fane, General Director and President of the Mascarade Opera Foundation

Candice Wood, Co-Director of Mascarade Emerging Artists

Dr Ralph Strehle, Co-Director of Mascarade Emerging Artists

Frankie Parham, Chief Financial Officer and Head of External Relations

Giulia Ragionieri, Administration and Planning

Sarah Dennis, Development Consultant

Anush Hovhannisyan, Artistic Consultant

Roger Granville, Co-Founder and Board Member

H.E. Principe Francesco Ruspoli, Vice-President of the Mascarade Opera Foundation