Self-regulation is the key to a successful performance. We teach our artists how to regulate their emotions, their thoughts, their attention, indeed their entire learning and performance process.

My job is to allow artists to perform without excuses and without the fear of failure, to perform because they have a deep seated desire to express the human condition through music.

Dr Ralph Strehle, Director of Performance at Mascarade Emerging Artists

I’m interested in the individuality of the artist, in trying to help each singer find and express their unique musical voice. From the moment we are born, we breathe and use our voices to express ourselves with pitch, modulation and dynamic through a natural bodily engagement prompted by the relevant emotion. I work with singers to find that same natural emotional and physical connection with their material, lifting it from something “learned” to something real and personal.”

Julia Lynch, Joint Head of Music at Mascarade Emergent Artists

There isn’t another instrument which can touch or affect as much as the human voice. When it’s in place and expressive, there’s a veracity, a fourth dimension that it enters. There is nothing so powerful and nothing so simple. However, it is difficult to achieve this. My aim is always to try to help the singer find this freedom of expression, and to sing with artistry, beauty and longevity.

Jonathan Papp, Joint Head of Music at Mascarade Emerging Artists


Our training framework is based on insights from performance psychology research in a variety of domains such as sports, business, health and education. As a multi-layered, integrative training framework with internal follow-up systems, it comprises and connects a number of theories and models in the areas of coaching, practice and performance.



“Working with Ralph on performance psychology is incredibly beneficial in helping to find an emotional balance and proactive ways of coping with the challenges in this career.”

Catriona Morison, Mezzo-soprano, Winner of the Main Prize at the 2017 BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition

“Working with Ralph has been one of the stand-out experiences of my training. A natural leader, listener and practitioner; his teaching is truly inspiring and his influence is felt almost instantly.”

Stephanie Maitland, Mezzo-soprano, Vienna State Opera Young Artist Programme

“Working with Ralph has helped me to gain control, to really understand where I am at and how I can move forward whilst staying calm and focused on my tasks.”“Working with Ralph on performance psychology is incredibly beneficial in helping to find an emotional balance and proactive ways of coping with the challenges in this career.”

Marvic Monreal, Mezzo-soprano, Oper Frankfurt Opera Studio


“Coaching with Julia is just amazing. She can help with every aspect of operatic singing.”

Paweł Trojak, Baritone, 2020/21 Studio Artist

“Julia is a world-class coach who (luckily for us) has chosen to work with young people and help us develop in every way – musically, artistically and also personally! As a young singer, it is so important to have someone guide you in the right direction, suggest the best repertoire which suits your voice and overcome all sorts of technical, linguistic and performance issues. Julia was that person for me. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend years with her guidance and under her wing.”

Svetlina Stoyanova, Mezzo-soprano, First Place prize winner at the 2017 Neue Stimmen singing competition

“Julia Lynch offers the perfect support as a collaborative pianist and coach. Her honest musicianship broadens the horizons of the most seasoned singers and one feels they can achieve more than they hoped possible with her gentle guidance and experience.”

Nicky Spence, Tenor

“I was fortunate enough to work with Julia throughout my undergraduate degree and Masters at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. From the beginning she was incredibly helpful and supportive, not only pointing out improvements to pieces and roles, but also in suggesting how to achieve this. She was very patient and generous with her time and talent; she was one of the major influences in my artistic and musical development.”

Dominic Barberi, Bass


“I have been working with Jonathan Papp since my time as a student at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He is a fantastic coach with a wealth of knowledge of operatic and song repertoire but especially Bel Canto and Verismo. He has, without a doubt, played an essential part in my development as a singer.”

Freddie de Tommaso, Tenor

“Every coaching with Jonathan is invaluable. Over the past three years working with him, he provided me with immense knowledge about different opera styles, vocal technique, and how to use the singing text in order to express the character. Jonathan always pushes to analyse every single detail of the score. His tricks are curiosity, constant work and sincere passion. Jonathan has exceptional pedagogical skills in getting to surprise myself, to have those lightbulb moments when I realise: I didn’t know I could do that!”

Gabrielė Kupšytė, Mezzo-soprano, 2020/21 Studio Artist

“Working with Jonathan as a coach is a huge privilege as he has the best ears in London! He has been helping me for over five years and I have benefited greatly from his sure, approachable and sympathetic advice. He has taught me so much!”

Aigul Akhmetshina, Mezzo-soprano


Mascarade Emerging Artists welcomes artists from all backgrounds and nations. We recognise the benefits that a variety of experience and cultural contexts brings to both an individual’s performances and the group’s interactions as a whole. In addition to programme places being fully funded, we are also able to support artists with caring commitments through helping secure couple and family-friendly accommodation, as well as advice on moving to Italy. We ask that any artist who is interested in applying for the programme but concerned about any barrier they might face in taking up a position please get in touch with us as early as possible to discuss how we can help. We firmly believe that exceptional talent should be developed, wherever it is found.

For further details please see our Apply page.


Applications are welcomed from artists of exceptional talent at the initial stages of their career. It is expected that most applicants will have completed postgraduate conservatoire or equivalent training, have significant performance experience and have a track record of excellence. We welcome applications from artists of all backgrounds and are available to discuss any questions or requirements to support you in applying.  

There is an upper age limit of 30. We recognise that people follow a variety of paths to a classical singing career, however it is rare that we would consider applications from artists over the age of 30.

For further details please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.