Fresco and portrait cycle

Fresco and portrait cycle

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Portrait & Fresco Cycles

The Festivalino 2024 marks the launch of two new artistic initiatives in support of the foundation’s scholarship endowment for the training of the world’s most talented emerging opera artists.


The first is a new cycle of ten portraits that will hang on the walls of the foundation’s grand ‘Salone dei Concerti’. The portraits will be painted by Jamie Coreth who has, since graduating from both Florence’s Academy of Art and Charles Cecil Studios, become one of today’s most celebrated young painters. Coreth is a winner of the BP Young Artist Award and has had several works exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London, the latest of which is his much-admired portrait of The Prince and Princess of Wales. Inspired by the humanist themes of the Renaissance, Coreth’s cycle will draw on Ovid’s Metamorphoses to symbolise the transformative power of the arts. The ten patrons to qualify for the honour of a portrait by supporting the FMO at the highest level are sure to enter history and be immortalised in distinguished company.

To find out more about the donation structure to join this exclusive group of supporters, please contact:

Donors who sit for the cycle will be known as ‘Portrait Companions’ and have the option of attaching their name to a scholarship. The scholarship recipient will then be credited as an artist supported by the assigned ‘Portrait Companion' in perpetuity.  

The portraits are a gift to the FMO from the sitters, and the donation structure is tax-deductible.

Coreth, Jamie - Yasmina Zanasi in Mary Katrantzou's 'Alchemy' dress, 2021(220 x 110cm)


The offer of Medicean immortalisation will also spread beyond these ten frames with the inauguration of the FMO’s second artistic initiative - a new fresco cycle to cover the entirety of the Salone dei Concerti above and around the portraits. The cycle is being commissioned in collaboration with the Florence Academy of Art from a revived ‘Florentine Camerata’ of fresco artists led by renowned painter, Tom Richards, who will paint the foundation’s 21st-century story. Like the real-life figures depicted by masters such as Benozzo Gozzoli or Luca Giordano, the FMO’s pantheon of patrons will be able to subscribe to the cycle by sponsoring depictions of themselves or loved ones in figures ranging from gods to heroes as they interact in centripetal orbits leading to the work’s eponymous nucleus, The Apotheosis of Music. Upon completion of the portrait and fresco cycles, the Salone dei Concerti will aptly be renamed the ‘Salone dei Mecenati’ (Hall of the Patrons) to be admired by concertgoers, visitors, and grand tourers for years to come.     

The subscription options will be launched on the opening night of The Festivalino 2024 on Thursday 30 May.

For further information, please contact: