This policy applies to all Mascarade Opera employees and artists, and everyone who applies for opportunities advertised by Mascarade Opera.


Mascarade Opera welcomes a diverse population of staff and artists, and is committed to actively promoting equality and diversity in all of our work. We aim to provide a performing, learning, teaching, working and research environment free from unlawful discrimination against applicants, staff and artists on the grounds of gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, socio-economic background, marital status, maternity and parental status, age and actual or perceived religious or other belief.

We are thoroughly committed to the promotion of equal opportunities across all of our functions and practices including those of learning and teaching, employment, representation, decision making, and procurement and partnerships. Whoever you are, however you identify yourself, if you work or train with us, your identity is respected. We hope that in this part of our website you will find the information you need. If you do not, we welcome your feedback and comments.


  1. We aim to eradicate unfair and discriminatory practices, direct or indirect, however and whenever they may occur.
  2. We will organise the ways in which we plan and undertake our activities in order to ensure that we meet our responsibilities under the relevant legislation, including the UK Equality Act 2010. We will also apply the same principles as an employer and as a user of services provided by others.
  3. We will ensure that in our employment of all staff, whether permanent, short-term or freelance, we apply a rigorous equalities approach to recruitment and conditions of work. This will impact on documents and procedures including employment contracts, grievance and disciplinary procedures, other HR procedures and the working conditions that we control and influence.
  4. We will ensure that in our auditioning and training of artists, we apply a rigorous equalities approach. This will impact on documents and procedures including applications, audition venues, grievance and disciplinary procedures, other HR procedures and the working conditions that we control and influence.
  5. We will also work with our suppliers and partners to encourage them to apply the same principles, using their equalities approach as a criterion for procurement or partnership where appropriate. This will have an impact on our procurement policy and choice of partners in other areas.
  6. We understand that for equality to be achieved this policy needs to be made understandable to, and embraced by staff, artists, suppliers, partners and trustees.
  7. This policy will be subject to agreement with any trade union which staff choose to join or to which they belong. The policy is fully supported and welcomed by all employees and has been agreed by our Artistic Advisory Board.
  8. All staff and Board members have a responsibility to ensure that their own language and actions are consistent with the spirit as well as the contents of this policy.
  9. Overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy lies with Mascarade Opera’s Directors and Board, who will review this policy on an annual basis.


    1. Discuss and review how well we are implementing this policy, and (adjust our practices/develop an action plan) where necessary.
    2. Assess any significant new or revised policies and procedures for their impact on equality.
    3. Embed equality and diversity into our development plans.
    4. Supply all staff, artists and short-term contractors with a copy of this policy on their engagement with Mascarade Opera.
    5. Ensure our employment practices and procedures are consistent with the aims of this policy.